ADMIT IT - Pre-selling your online course freaks you out.

You have no idea how to price your course (especially in this unique global climate) and feel like you have to build it before you are “allowed” to sell it. 🙅‍♀️

You think your audience is “too small” to launch a course and you simply don’t have the time in your heaving client schedule to build something you don’t know will sell.

You’re ready to create a course that helps you:

  • Impact more people

  • Stop relying on 1:1 clients

  • Earn money while you sleep


E-learning is projected to be a $325 Billion (yup, that’s with a ‘B’!) industry by 2025

(Although - given how many people are working from home right now, I suspect that might already be the case!)

There’s a slice of that pie that could be yours - you just have to have a course in the game and KNOW how to sell it.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what Beta Accelerator helps you to do!

The competition is low and the opportunity is high!

Your ideal students are already online and ACTIVELY looking for the transformation you can provide!

As a global community, like it or not, the majority of us have been FORCED online and online learning has never been more widely accepted and sought after.

This is NOT the time to slave away behind the screen for months on end in the hope someone will buy what you’re selling when your course is “perfect”.

There is a community of ravenous buyers online right now that you need to be putting your idea in front of to see if they’re ready to whip out those credit cards and pay you NOW.

Your online course works for you, even while you sleep.

Your business can’t grow whilst you trade time for dollars. You only have so many hours you can legitimately work 1:1 with clients. Sure, you can raise your prices, but it’s still the long hard road towards your financial goals and freedom.

Without a scalable offer, you’re gonna get stuck in the client-chasin’ rat race and be at the mercy of your client-signing abilities.

A course allows you to not only scale your business with an offer that requires little of your time to maintain, but also creates a way for you to serve an even larger audience.

Not everyone can afford to work with you 1:1 right now and your course provides a self-study option to get those less-affluent eager-beaver audience members on the road to transformation.


CourseBoosters 🚀 is the only 4-hour crash course that will help you pre-sell your online course idea, make your first sale, and deliver your course content in the next 30 days without any ads.

Boost Your Income

Boost Your Impact

Boost Your Business

With an Online Course.


We’re so sure that CourseBoosters 🚀 will deliver you your first paying online course student in 30 days or less, that we’re willing to give you your money back if it doesn’t work for you.

If you fully implement the Beta Accelerator Blueprint and 30-Day Challenge, complete the Google Docs guides, show up for the monthly Hot Seat, and participate in the Facebook® community - and you STILL don’t get a result in 30 days -

We’ll give you your money back - guaranteed!
  • Who is it for?

    This program is for anyone who wants to quit capping their income by working with clients and launch a signature online course they can scale to $100k and beyond.

  • When does it start?

    You start as soon as you enroll and will have immediate access to our online curriculum and private community. And you can rest assured you’ll never feel alone in your journey, as you have immediate lifetime access to the program when you enroll.

  • What does it include?

    The program takes you through the 3 phases of pre-selling your online course and building it from scratch.

What’s Inside CourseBoosters🚀?

STEP 1: Validate

  • Get your audience to sell your course for you by conducting second-to-none market research calls and building a waitlist of ready-to-buy students.

  • Not sure where to find people to chat with and interview? We’ve got you covered with call booking strategies and interview templates to fill your calendar (and, eventually, your digital wallet!).

STEP 2: Pre-sell

ALL in less than 30 days!

  • Develop a Beta Live Experience that your audience can’t wait to be a part of.

  • Pre-sell to your audience of buyers and make your first sale!

STEP 3: Deliver

  • Plan and deliver your entire course curriculum LIVE to your first round of beta students.

  • Get the BEST feedback you’ll ever receive from the most invested round of students you’ll ever have.

  • Set up your course site and get ready to relaunch your course over and over again.

BONUS: Comprehensive Tech Tutorial Library

Don’t let the tech hold you back. Our complete library of tech tutorials will hold your hand through each and every piece of tech we recommend you need to effectively (and inexpensively 😉) launch your course with ease.


  • How to pre-sell your signature course so you get paid to build it in less than 30 days

  • How to find that course pricing sweet spot that earns you the most for your effort

  • How to find your ideal student online without the need for paid advertising

  • How to structure your course in a logical and easy-to-follow format

  • How to conduct market research that builds a list of ready-to-buy future students

  • How to get your ideal students to write your sales page and messaging for you

  • How to build a waitlist of ready-to-buy students

  • How to plan your lessons and deliver them live, even if you’re camera shy

  • How to gather feedback from your students and fill any and all knowledge gaps you overlooked

  • How to open the cart and fill your beta live experience even if your audience is “too small”


  • The exact tech to use to get your course launched totally free

  • The exact questions to ask to learn everything you need to know (and more) about your ideal students

  • Exactly what and when to post to your social media to build your waitlist and attract your ideal students.



Beta Accelerator Blueprint (Value $1000)

The simple and scrappy 3-step system you need to validate, pre-sell, and deliver your course.

No fluff, no expensive software or hope-and-a-prayer Facebook ads required. 😉

(Small Audience Approved!)

35-Day Beta Launch Planner + Calendar (Value $100)

Plugin your launch dates into the LaunchBoosters 🚀 promotional calendar and watch as your Launch Calendar is planned for you.

21 Day Beta Live Experience Plan (Value $100)

Deliver your course live to your first cohort of students via a Beta Live Experience.

We’ll teach you how to plan your lessons quickly and simply so you have all the information you need to deliver the lessons with confidence whilst avoiding procrastination created by overly perfectionising slides or handouts (yup, no slides or PDFs necessary!) before setting up your lesson recordings in an online course platform, ready to resell them to your next round of students.

30-Day Challenge (Value $150)

Need some extra accountability and momentum? We’ve got you covered with the Beta Accelerator 30-Day Challenge - a step-by-step, 30-day plan so you know exactly which things to focus on each day to pre-sell your course with confidence.

(Psst...there’s a money-back guarantee in it for ya!)

LaunchBoosters 🚀 Social Prompts + Graphics Templates (Value $500)

Sell With Social Media - No Email List Required 🎉

Know exactly what to post to your feed, stories and live stream every day of your launch and keep the procrastination in-check with pre-designed and customizable graphics templates.

Comprehensive Tech Tutorial Library ($120)

Tech got you terrified? We got you!

For every, single step of the Beta Accelerator Blueprint, we’ve provided comprehensive, step-by-step tutorials in every single software we recommend.

No matter what your level of tech-savvy, we hold your hand in getting your course LAUNCHED!

Monthly Live Coaching with Team Madison (Value $1000)

Waste NO time second-guessing that you have the right idea and strategy. Get on a monthly Hot Seat call and get customized guidance that tailors the Beta Accelerator Blueprint to your unique course concept.

Exclusive Course🚀Boosters Members-Only Community (Value $1000)

Get access to join the Exclusive Facebook Group for CourseBoosters 🚀 where you'll find advice, strategy and biz besties.

➕ Guest Expert Masterclass Series (Value $500)

  • How to Create a Sold Out Course with a Free Facebook Group with Christina Jandali

  • How to Create a Sales Page That Aligns With Your Launch Plan with Melissa Burkheimer

  • Taking Your Launch Evergreen: How to Create an Automated Sales Funnel From Your Launch Content with Hailey Dale

  • The 4 Benefits to Having a Facebook Business Page with Ed Troxell


  • 100 % online course

  • Convenient luxurious learning

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Unlimited replays

  • Automatically receive access to the course as soon as you buy

  • Lifetime access

  • Ready-to-go worksheets and templates

  • Excellent customer service

  • Broken down into digestible, bit-sized pieces


Imagine getting paid to build your course from scratch, without building a single lesson, sales page, or download and KNOWING you have students eager and ready for it.

Imagine having a complete course, built (and paid for 😉) that you can sell over and over again - even while you sleep.

If you’re ready to scale your business with an online course, CourseBoosters 🚀 is for you.


  • What is the refund/cancellation policy?

    So as part of the money back guarantee you’re entitled to a FULL refund of your membership if after the first 30-days and after having fully implemented the Beta Accelerator 30-Day Challenge you haven’t received your first sale. You’ll still keep your membership for the remaining 12 months totally free! So you truly have nothing to lose!

  • If I sign up for the payment plan, do I still get the bonuses?

    YES!! If you sign up for CourseBoosters 🚀, no matter how you pay you will get the bonuses!

  • How long does this take to go through the program?

    The first 30 days are the most important as you’ll be working through the Beta Accelerator 30-Day Challenge. I would suggest you put aside 4 hours to watch all the materials and between 10-20 hours per week to get all the work done. After that, you’ll have your course sold, built, and be ready to scale it to 6-figures and beyond.

  • Where will I find the Course Booster Power-Ups once I join?

    If you bought within the first 15 minutes of watching the Masterclass, you’ll find the Cold to Closed Webinar Formula and Launch Library resources in your dashboard.

  • Will this work for my business?

    If you've worked with clients in a 1-on-1 capacity, YES! If you have a method you want to teach people en masse, YES! If you are a new business owner and haven't worked with clients yet, not yet. Even if haven't been growing your audience, it is important that you have worked with clients in your niche prior to building your course. This will make planning your course curriculum and validating your course idea SO MUCH EASIER! If this is you, reach out to me on Instagram and I'll happily refer you to some amazing businesses that help you grow your client-based business.

  • Do we get access to the whole program now or is it delivered piece by piece, like on a weekly basis?

    You get access to the WHOLE Beta Accelerator Blueprint, Beta Accelerator 30-Day Challenge, Exclusive Facebook community, and past hot seat calls instantly. And the Course Booster Power-Ups if you sign up within the first 15 minutes after the Masterclass.

  • Do we get access to all past hot seats calls, trainings, etc.?

    UMM yes! I’m not gonna leave you hanging. Just login to your dashboard and you’ll see it in the replays section.

  • Will I be able to ask questions if I need support?

    GREAT QUESTION! Yes, there are lots of ways you can seek support. You’ll have 24/7 access to the exclusive Facebook group community that holds a wealth of knowledge and support from both the team over here at MMHQ as well as all the amazing fellow students (affectionately know as Boosters 💗). I also monthly Hot Seats that you apply for. AND AND AND you’ll have access to all the past Hot Seat calls I’ve hosted, fully indexed so you can see if your question has previously been asked by a fellow student.